CME Pyroshield is in the business of designing, engineering, marketing, manufacturing, installing, maintenance and commissioning of fire protection systems. It represents some of the industry’s top brands for fire extinguishing systems.



Pyroshield IG 55 inert gas extinguishing system.

CME Pyroshield is the Asia region’s license holder for Pyroshield Inert Gas extinguishing System listed under NFPA 2001 as IG55 Clean Agent. This product is now established in Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and Vietnam.


Cirrus Pro.

CME is the exclusive distributor for Cirrus Pro aspirating fire detectors. This state of the art aspirating fire detectors uses a cloud chamber to detect sub micron particles within each protected area produced by combustion, electrical arcing or overheating. It is an active fire detection system that samples the air from a given fire zone or area to detect presence of combustion product. This system can detect fire at a very early incipient stage, much earlier than point detectors. This is a very important aspect of modern fire detection system, as Cirrus Pro can detect a potentially dangerous situation and thus prevent it from escalating into a full blown fire situation.


CME Pyroshield has the engineering and design expertise as well as commissioning and maintenance personnel to serve your entire fire protection needs.

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